How to sell digital product ?
How to sell digital product ?

How to sell digital product ?

In this tutorial, We will quickly explain how to sell digital products.

Watch the Tutorial below :

You can sell any digital products like music videos, templates, graphics, clip art, stock images, etc using our app. Digital products can be any product (which has files attached to them).

For example :- You can sell eBooks , Music , Videos , Templates that can be easily downloaded by others.

Note: You can also attach digital files to physical products. The steps are the same as the steps for digital products. Just follow the video tutorials below in case.

For example: If you are selling a physical product like a Gym Instrument, A digital guide could be an instructions PDF for the instrument.

There are 2 ways to add digital products on Sellkite :-

  • Import products from shopify
  • Create a new product on Shopify

Please note: As long as the product appears on the dashboard, customers will receive the downloads. If it’s deleted, customers will not receive the files.

Import a product from Shopify

If the digital product you want to sell already exists on your Shopify store, you just need to import it to sellkite, attach the file, and save the product. Once saved, customers can receive all the files when they purchase the product. (Please watch the tutorial above for more details.)

Create a new product on shopify

In this case if the product doesn’t exist on shopify store , You can create a new shopify product and then import it up. (please watch above tutorial)