How to re-send downloads email  ?
How to re-send downloads email  ?

How to re-send downloads email ?

In this tutorial , We will explain how to re-send digital downloads email for the order.

In some cases , Customers might reach out to you that , they have misplace their download email.

If you want to send downloads email again to the customers You can click on “Send Downloads Email” button on specific order.

Suppose the order had 1 digital product , and you re-send the downloads email.

Customers will receive email with download link for accessing their downloads.

Please Note: If the product has license keys , and “Send download email” is clicked , Sellkite will pick new license keys based on the product quantity from the attached license keys .

If you are not sure about license keys , You can Read :-

  1. What are license keys ?
  2. How to add/remove license keys to digital product ?

Please watch below tutorial to understand how to re-resend downloads email to customers.